Does your mechanic repair or simply replace?

Back in the day, and actually before my time(I’m not as old as my fiancee tells everyone I am), the only way to get vehicles back on the road was to repair the part that was faulty.

As technology advanced, mass production made parts more available, and outsourcing made things cheaper, this practice became less popular than just swapping out new or re-manufactured parts. For the most part this is one of the great things about living in a more technologically advanced world. Some times though, the cost of swapping out parts is losing the ability to repair the parts that can be repaired.

As automotive technicians, our responsibility to the owner of the vehicle is to repair their vehicle to the best of our ability, with the lowest chance of repeat occurrence, and for the best price possible.

Recently I had the chance to help out a customer by repairing a power seat when the dealer wanted to simply replace the entire unit. Their estimate for the repair was a little over $1500.00, our final bill to the customer was a little over $89.00.


With a little extra trouble shooting we were able to save this customer over $1400.00 and we were able to honestly pay ourselves.

I promise to never look at your vehicle as a way to make a quick buck. We will always address your personal needs and make sure you get your vehicle back with the best possible outcome for you.

Jeff Zieser

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