• Oil Changes

p1010410Our oil changes include the following services; change oil (up to 5 quarts) and oil filter, lube chassis (where applicable), check and inflate tires to proper setting, check tire tread depth, inspect the exhaust system, inspect the suspension and steering components, check accessory belts and hoses, check air filters, top off all fluids, and, inspect and change exterior light bulbs.  At Automotive Service Evolution we use Full Synthetic oil in our  oil changes!   Our price including tax is $43.14 can’t be beat.

  • Brakes

p1010424Keeping your vehicle running great is an important concern, but just as important is stopping. At Automotive Service Evolution we use high quality friction material and take our time to insure that your brakes are done with the highest standards. Other places will sell brake jobs at an extremely low rate and warranty pads for life. We don’t believe this practice is in our customer’s best interest because you aren’t paying for a quality service, you’re paying for a warranty on a part that is supposed to wear down with use. Our brake service can take an hour and a half to two hours. We disassemble the brake caliper brackets, media blast to remove corrosion, and treat with an anti-corrosion spray before lubing. This will make sure that your pads move the way they were designed to which will lengthen pad life and improve braking performance.

  • Tires

We can mount and balance most sizes of car light truck tires. Whether you buy them from us or supply your own from a local or online retailer, we can assure your tires are properly mounted and balanced on your vehicle.

  • Steering and Suspension

 p1010423Besides making your daily commute comfortable, the steering and suspension of your vehicle make sure that your tires contact the road properly letting the tires do the best job they can under all road conditions. A properly maintained steering and suspension system provides better fuel economy, shorter stopping distance, and longer tire life. This saves you money at the pump, on excessive tire changes, and makes your car safer to drive.  From shocks and struts, to tie-rods, ball joints, and bushings we at Automotive Service Evolution will help you maintain a safer and more comfortable riding car.

  • Air Conditioning and Heating

 No matter what the weather is like outside your vehicle , you want the passenger compartment to be comfortable. Even if it’s ten degrees below zero or 110 degrees Fahrenheit the interior of your car be able to maintain a cozy temperature. At Automotive Service Evolution we do coolant flushes, thermostats, heater cores, A/C recharges, A/C compressors, evaporator cores, control units, and everything in between.  Come to ASE for all of your Automotive HVAC needs!

  • Tune-Ups

 Tune-ups today aren’t the same as they were 30 years ago, and they shouldn’t be. The cars of yesterday simply needed the points and condenser changed, the points gap set, and the spark plugs switched out.  

Today’s cars run harder for a longer time with less frequent maintenance intervals.  With a longer life span it is even more critical that every system on your vehicle gets maintained. Fluids need to be flushed, filters need to bee changed, and worn out parts need to be replaced with new.

At Automotive Service Evolution we strive to keep your vehicle properly maintained.  We know that preventative maintenance costs are less than repair costs. Properly maintained vehicles have less breakdowns than cars that see no preventative maintenance.

  • Engine Mechanical

 Engine mechanical can mean many different things.  Gaskets and seals, lifters and push rods, manifolds and pans, timing belts or timing chains. There are mechanical and hydraulic tensioners, mechanical pump or electronic solenoids. And don’t forget the valves, pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, and camshaft.  All these things and many more are the heart of your vehicle.  They need to work correctly in proper time to have a properly running vehicle. 

Both Shige and Jeff worked their ways up in the automotive repair industry through respected machine shops working on all types of engines. We understand tolerances of machined parts and the need for a thoroughly cleaned parts for reassembly.

Whether you need a head gasket replaced, the timing belt done, or an engine repaired Automotive Service Evolution has the experience and knowledge to do it right.

  • Electrical & Advanced Computer Diagnostics

 Today’s cars have highly advanced electronics and on board computers. We at Automotive Service Evolution have the training  and tools to service these systems. From the starting and charging systems, computer inputs and outputs, and the control modules themselves we have multiple factory and aftermarket scanners and state of the art digital lab scopes to correctly diagnose all electrical and computer related problems.